Contact an Attorney Like Aric Cramer for Help After a Drug Charge

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A person who is caught with drugs will be arrested. However, the charge can be for possession of drugs or possession with the intent to sell, and both can have serious consequences for the person. It’s important for them to understand the differences in the charges as well as what they could be facing so they can contact a lawyer and get the help they need to defend against the charges.

Possession of Drugs Charges

A person can be arrested and charged with possession of drugs if they have any amount of illegal drugs on them, in their vehicle, or in their home. They can be arrested and charged with possession of paraphernalia even if they don’t have any drugs with the paraphernalia. The charges they will face depends on the type of drugs they have as well as how much they have. They could face a misdemeanor, felony, or multiple charges.

Possession With the Intent to Sell

If the person has the drugs in multiple small packages, has scales and other equipment used to measure drugs, or has a small amount of drugs and a significant amount of money, they could be charged with possession with the intent to sell. This is a felony charge and can be compounded based on the type of drugs or the amount of drugs. Even if they don’t have scales or small packages, the person can be charged with intent to sell just because of having a significant amount of drugs. 

Multiple Charges at Once

Some drug charges are based on the volume of drugs a person has in their possession. However, others can be based on the number of drugs a person has. For illegally obtained prescription drugs, a person might face a charge for each pill they have. This can mean they face multiple felony charges. 

If you’ve been arrested and charged with possession or possession with the intent to sell, you need to speak with a lawyer quickly. An attorney like Aric Cramer is going to review your case to determine what can be done to minimize the penalties you’re facing. Don’t face the possibility of years in jail for the charges when you can get help today.


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