How Do You Know If You Need To Hire A Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm?

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The seriousness of being charged with a crime goes well beyond a night or two in jail. A conviction of a crime can affect an individual’s ability to obtain employment, gain security clearances, drive a car, receive funding for college and so much more. Any type of criminal charge requires the help of a Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm. Mitigating the penalties of a crime begins at an individual’s first court appearance when an attorney will paint them in the best light possible and investigate the evidence they have against the accused.


After an individual has been arrested for a DUI, they only have fifteen days to petition the courts to keep their driver’s license. If an individual doesn’t petition the court, they will not have another opportunity. In addition, the arrest and booking is only the start of the loss of driving privileges, steep fines, and loss of a job, mandatory court appearances and so many other unpleasant experiences.

Will A Criminal Defense Law Firm Charge A Consultation Fee?

When an individual has been arrested for a DUI in Oklahoma, an experienced criminal defense attorney should offer a free consultation to discuss the circumstances surround the case. They should provide the accused individual of the legal options they may have available. Penalties for a conviction of a DUI increase with each subsequent arrest and it’s important to aggressively fight the charges.

Drug Charges

Oklahoma takes selling or possessing drugs very seriously. Substances like marijuana, cocaine, or drugs obtained without a prescription and methamphetamine are considered controlled dangerous substances. Drug convictions usually have a two to ten year sentence. In certain circumstances, there have been life sentences given to individuals accused of drug possession.

Wrongfully Convicted

If an individual has been wrongfully convicted, it can leave an individual feel as though no one is listening and that his or her life is ruined forever. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is willing to file an appeal based on certain grounds to receive another hearing and overturn the conviction.

If you or a loved one have been arrested for any type of crime, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for a free consultation.


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